Agit Tri Mulyanto

Unity / Construct 2 Programmer

Personal Information

  • Name : Agit Tri Mulyanto
  • Date of Birth : 02/08/1998
  • Nationality : Indonesian
  • Address : West Bandung, West Java
  • Email : agit.3mulya@gmail.com
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Work Experience

Unity Programmer

Arsanesia, Full Time

Interactive Developer

Reignwake, Freelance

For about 4 months, I joined Reignwake, an Entertainment Studio based in US. In this company I make Holokai Burst, a game that follows an original story of Holokai.

Front-end Web Developer

Imtech Solution, Full Time

After I graduated, I joined Imtech Solution as a front-end web developer. I learn about theming in Prestashop 1.7, smarty language, also learn about how to make site template from scratch using Bootstrap 4 Beta.

Also, as a side project (and also my hobby), I also make a maze game. The game is titled Likio. It's my second game that published on Play Store.

Web Developer

PT Nutrifood, Apprenticeship

When i was 4th grade, I started an internship in PT Nutrifood Indonesia, Bogor. I was positioned as a web developer. At first, I was told to fixing some error from one website application. After that i was told to make a new website application that simplify some traditional process. I finished the project and make it as my 4th grade final task.

Beside my apprenticeship activity, I also make a game with Construct 2. The game titled "Juragan Sampah". It's my first game that published on Play Store.


STT Bandung

Computer Science/Informatics

SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi

Software Engineering

After graduating at Junior High School, i decided to follow my passion in computer. And finally, i entered Software Engineering at Vocational School 1 Cimahi.

In this school, i learned so many things about computer knowledge, especially programming. I learned everything such as HTML, CSS, VB, C++, Java, PHP and much more that divided to kind of development platform such as Mobile Development, Desktop Development and Web Development.

SMP Negeri 2 Padalarang

My passion in programming started here. The first programming language i knew was HTML. I was so excited that i can write something that my friend couldn't read.

SD Negeri 2 Kertamulya

I was a gamer at this age. I used to play online games after school. That was the very first reason why i love computer world.

Featured Skill


Unity Engine

2.5 years of experience


Construct 2

2 years of experience



2.5 years of experience



2 years of experience

My Portfolio

Venom - Learn Verbal and Nominal Sentence

This is an educational game that help us to learn verbal and nominal sentences. This game become top 10 of annual competition held by BPMPK Kemdikbud.

Link (PS) Link (M-Edukasi)

Alien Math

This is a simple educational game where you act as an alien that avoiding any incoming space obstacles and collect all the missing math formulas.

Link Preview

Counting Tiles

This game will test your brain skill to solve the puzzle and find out the numbers you have to count until you reach the target number.


Meow GukGuk

A simple endless-arcade game about cat and dog. Don't get confused with their house!

Link Preview

Holokai Burst

The first game I made when working with Reignwake. It's an action-arcade game. The gameplay is similar to Fruit Ninja.

Link Preview

Stickman Ink Battle

A simple yet challenging game to train your accuracy skill.


Likio : Maze Adventure

A maze-adventure game. Help Likio to solve every maze, save his friends and defeat The Dark Mask.


Pegawai Handal

Pertamina E-Learning project. This game contain a value of 'Capable'.


Tembak Banter

Pertamina E-Learning project. This game contain a value of 'Confident'.


Juragan Sampah

A simulation game that teach you how to manage your own environment. This game made with Construct 2.


Hamletts Haus

A mobile app for learn Germany. This app was made when i joined MAGISCAMP, held by SEAMOLEC and Goethe Institute on October 2015.


Kio The Game

This is my first game i created. This game was made with VB.NET.


Also on itch.io

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